In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Spot the 3 signs your organization is headed for a PR crisis
  • Address each of those headwinds
  • Conduct a Crisis Pulse Check
  • Implement the 7 steps to diffuse any PR crisis
  • Adopt teachable moments to weather a PR storm

Meet Your Instructor

Nicole Harris                                       

Founder & CEO – Solv Communications

Nicole Harris is one of western Canada’s leading experts in strategic and crisis communications as well as public relations. She has advised brands of Fortune 500 companies, small and media enterprises, associations, and non-profits.

Her extensive industry knowledge and strategic thinking propels her clients to new heights by navigating and mitigating difficult challenges swiftly and safely. 

Nicole began her career as a network television and radio news journalist, producer, and TV anchor. She has worked for Corus Entertainment, Pattison Media, and Rogers TV. 

While in the media, she covered many of the major news events of our time, including the September 11th attacks in New York City, high-profile court cases, and risk management issues ranging from fraud, cybercrime, labour unrest, product recalls, and more. 

As founder and CEO of Solv Communications, Nicole develops and delivers tailored training programs for government, corporate and institutional clients in Canada and the United States.

Nicole Harris

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